Website design and development Services:

Designing a website is not as easy as you need to attract the customer to stay on your site for a longer time. Everyone should maintain an online website in this digital world.So, we should create an effective website that grabs the attention of your customer which in turn may increase your business efficiency.The first smart step you need to do is to choose Excelai which gives you an affordable and custom-made website made especially for you. We provide you the best solution for all your needs as we have a wide knowledge in website designing and development. We have already delivered many numbers of websites developed by our team of web developers.We develop you a website based on the requirements that you need in a website to enhance your business in the Excelai. If you cant, make proper requirements on the website even though we are happy to help you by making a clear case study on your business and we can suggest a website design which will be more attractive to your customers to improve your business in the digital word.

We design and develop websites for the following:

B2B Portal- Basically we design websites for business to business transactions which helps the two organization to communicate through this website. In this business to business website, it makes to involve the companies which are using the internet and the transactions are done between the two companies.

Online Shopping Website – Until now we have designed may shopping website. Using this website, you can allow buyers to buy your products. Advantages of this website are you can check the availability, specification of the product, features and price range. We develop your shopping website with all your requirements and make you happy with our website design such that it will be much attractive to the customer to attract the products you want to sale on the website. Not only that we also provide some customize options to make changes according to the new era. So whatever the website we provide you is easily customizable and easy to use.

E-commerce Website – The main theme or focus of this website is on promoting and selling products online. But designing an e-commerce website and implementing is not an easy task. Building an e-commerce website has some limitations and rules that to be followed by the company. The privacy, security and other issues to be considered before entering into the e-business. It is recommended that the website should maintain the proper system and it should be updated periodically because of the innovation of technologies in e-business brings new risks to the system. It is also recommended that an e-commerce should provide its privacy policy statement available to every individual visiting the website. The use of E-business system is it accepts any online and offline payment system. We are here to maintain your website securely by handling all the risks and will update to the new technologies which boost your business. We develop websites using technologies such as Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Word Press, Open Cart, Angular, Node JS, SQL, MySql, PostgreSQL, etc. We always listen to your requirements and be interactive in updating you regarding the work. The website is tested for several times on different platforms whether it is functioning or not and then finally website is submitted to you with error-free.we provide the websites with error-free but if there any changes in your requirements or some changes to the website then we give you the support to make necessary change that you need in the provided website. After providing your website if you receive any errors in the website we provide 24/7 to fix the error. Our technical support is always ready to fix the problems that incur on the website that we provide and this team will fix the errors with

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  • EXCELAi is currently working in the AI area in which we offer a variety of important AI services. Chatbots is one of the most integral categories of AI. Currently, we are working on various types of chatbot projects. We are offering you any type of ChatBots services like Support chatbots, Skills chatbots, Assistant chatbots, menu / button-based ChatBots, keyword validation-based ChatBots, etc. We can provide you with chatbots in your respective area such as e-commerce customer service, call centre etc. It helps out in gathering the information related to the user’s interests. EXCELAi is the noble perspective which is giving a foundation to ChatBots.

  • We all are witnessing extensive growth of Artificial Intelligence in the present time. The advent of AI is bringing an incredible revolution in every possible industry of the world. This is the only reason why every new business indicates the appreciable use of AI. If you are also longing to make use of AI services at its best then EXCELAi Technologies is the name for you. Yes, here we are passionately working towards our target of making this universe an easy place.

  • AI creates bots capable of deciding to work on basic leadership by making machines more advanced. It grabs the liberty to handle most crucial technical perspectives. It analyzes, controls monitors and predicts every possible problem which arises in the expected growth of your business.AI services allocates decision autonomy and ensures the brightest future of every business initiative.