Python & AWS

1. What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language that emphasizes on readability of code. This uses a significant whitespace. It is a very dynamic type of system that allows automation of memory and its management. It supports multiple programs that are object-oriented or imperative, functional and procedural.

2. What are the main components/modules of Python?

Components of python Function- it is a collection of all statements into one. It allows executing all the statements at one go. The function may return a value. Classes- Python is object-oriented and therefore supports classes and objects. Classes are abstract data which is actually a blueprint of certain kind of objects. It, however, does not hold any value. Module- Python module is a collection of classes and functions mentioned above. It uses mathematical calculation, Statistics, string manipulation and many more. Packages- It is a collection of related models that one can either import or create a new one

3. Why Python?

It is easy to understand for every beginner as it can be interpreted chronologically. It is object- oriented and the language used does not involve any costly license. It can be run over any operating software. One can develop a graphical user interface. It provides easy storage of a variety of functions.

4. What is the future scope of this technology?

Future scope of python Python is the most simple and object-oriented language. It has a Machine Learning approach, the ability of the computer to learn and help in solving problems The demand for python developers are increasing and this means IT companies are using python as the software language for business

5. Who will be the audience to learn this course?

One needs to take the help of the institution who are proficient to teach Python language. One should have the basic knowledge about computer and Java or C++

6. What are the 10 reasons to learn Python?

The top 10 reasons are-

1. Python is easy to read, easy to learn. It very close in resembling the English language and is very powerful language. One can learn it with ease as it is free and open-end language. One can simply write in English and python will execute by converting the same into the lower level language. Here machine reads and interprets the code and all the errors are checked during the runtime. It is very simple

2. It is portable and extensibility. It can work in all the OS and is compatible with JAVA, C++ etc. therefore one can perform cross level languages

3. Web programming with python provides an amplitude amount of opportunities. It has an array of frameworks for developing of websites and the most significant one are Django, Flask, etc. now these significant web programs have codes that are written in Python as it makes the codes a lot faster and stable. It can be customized and with Python can fetching the required details over the net which saves it into the local computer. It used in web development.

4. Python can also be used in Artificial Intelligence. When it is combined with the library which is psychic learning, it has the capability to solve the complex calculations in a just single statement. Furthermore, in such library Python brings machine learning functionality into the mix. It helps in image recognition such as the face or a color. You can also detect a character or handwriting with a python.

5. It is quite useful in computer graphics. It is largely used in online, offline, small or large projects. It is used to build GUI which is Graphical User Interface, desktop application, and game development.

6. Python is great for validating ideas or products or services for big companies. Software testing is a very difficult task as it involves the complication in choosing the best programming language. For automation testing, the python is the best for solving this issue as it has built-in testing frameworks that cover debugging and fastest workflows. It supports testing with cross- browser and cross platforms. It saves time and makes the work easy.

7. It helps in the hassles of managing Big Data. It supports parallel computing and functions that can perform the task of Map-reduce.

8. Python can also be used as a scripting language. Code sits in the form of scripts and it gets executed. So machines basically run, interprets the code and all the error checking is done during the runtime. After it is checked this language can be used several times. Python helps in compiling simultaneously when someone runs the program.

9. Python is the leading language for many data scientists. For data scientists, academic scholars and researchers were using the Python-based MADLAB languages. Python also deals with the tabular, matrix and statistical data.

10. It gives high job opportunities. Over the last one year, all the well-established companies are using python; Google who uses Python for web searches, YouTube who is written in Python and many other companies such as Instagram, NASA, Dropbox, Facebook and many other companies uses Python for their search contents.

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