1. What is IoT (Internet of Things)?
It is an array of devices that includes vehicles, home appliances, items that have access to electronic software and connectivity that helps these devices to connect and transfer the data. This creates more opportunities for a direct connectivity of physical world into a computer-based system, thereby improving efficiency, economic benefits, and reduced human errors.
2. What are the main components/modules IoT (Internet of Things)?
The main components of IoT are as follows Sensor- it is the most basic thing when it comes to IoT. A sensor could be an object for example motion sensor, open-close magnetic contactor etc. Hubs- Sensors are connected to a hub that could be wired or wireless which processes the data and takes action that is necessary. Optionally it's a cloud instance that processes data, analyze it and send notifications that could be presented in the form of Statistics and other potential things

3. Why IoT (Internet of Things)?
We need IoT for several reasons because of the smart sensor technology any electronically developed appliances can be designed to connect to the internet. Because of the advancement and availability of better internet facilities, the human life can be improved if the conventional devices get smarter
4. What is the future scope of this technology?
Future scope of IoT
  • Smart home appliances- if they come automatically can sense human presence wearable accessories that become smart gadgets this will provide a big area for future growth
  • Smart cities- it can reduce traffic environment pollution and congestion management
  • Healthcare- medical practitioners can help the patient remotely and advise accordingly smart Energy Management it can save energy
  • Smart farming- it can provide better irrigation and easy farming
  • Smart booking-it can book using a smart ticketing system
    5. Who will be the audience to learn this course?
    One must know the following
    • Embedded system
    • Protocol
    • Sensors and electronic components
    • Micro controllers and microprocessors that includes Machine Learning equipment
    • Computing language such as Python
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